Highlander Law Group Expands to Offer Family Law Services

L-R: Matthew MacGillivray, Dianna M. Rievaj, Peter Duke, Joseph Cuffari.

L-R: Matthew MacGillivray, Dianna M. Rievaj, Peter Duke, Joseph Cuffari.

“It’s certainly been a whirlwind of a year,” says Highlander Law Group founder, Dianna Rievaj. “The support from the community has been fantastic.”  The firm, located in the RBC plaza in Tantallon, offers the range of services individuals and small businesses typically need.  Rievaj comments, “My theory is, people who live here don’t want to spend extra time in the city.  I felt if I could build a firm that offered an equivalent service to a city firm, people would gladly keep their legal dollars in the community.”

It turns out her theory was right.  Despite only opening earlier this year, Highlander Law Group has already had to expand.  An intern paralegal was brought on over the summer and Articled Clerk, Peter Duke will join the firm this winter.  “It’s obviously nice to have extra hands around, but I also felt it was important to provide a quality opportunity for recent graduates to gain experience without having to leave the province.” says Rievaj.

The firm has also recently expanded its service offering to include contested family matters.  It’s a sad reality that when relationships break down professional assistance is often beneficial in resolving the situation, particularly when children are involved.  Joseph Cuffari joined Highlander this summer to fill this need.  As a senior practitioner, he brings 35 years’ experience to the firm.  He also has experience in the areas of probate, real estate and corporate planning.  “Marital breakdown can be an intensely personal and painful experience,” notes Cuffari.  “Having been through divorce myself, I empathize with my clients.  I also understand that every relationship is unique and I work hard to help the parties come to a resolution that fits their situation.”

Most recently, lawyer Matthew MacGillivray was brought on to focus on personal and corporate estate and tax planning.  MacGillivray is in the process of being certified as both a Trademark Agent as well as a Trust and Estate Planner (TEP).  “The business world is constantly evolving.  I think it’s critical to stay up to date on the resulting legal implications,” observes MacGillivray

Highlander Law Group, even in its infancy, is developing the reputation of providing a different sort of law firm experience.  Rievaj chuckles, “One day our courier said, ‘It feels like a spa in here.’ Spa is a bit of an overstatement, but they do go out of their way to help their clients feel comfortable.  They focus on the simple things like an honest smile when you come in the door and returning messages promptly.

If you’re not sure how a lawyer can help, schedule a no commitment Issue Review Consult for the fixed cost of $100 + tax. You will sit down with the lawyer who would handle your file, fully explain your situation and get an opinion on your options, possible outcomes and cost.  You can proceed or walk away without any further obligation.

To learn more, visit Highlanderlaw.ca, call 902-826-3070