Litigation (disputes)

Contract Disputes Contested Estates Failed Real Estate transactions Debt Collection Builders Liens Right of Way Disputes Personal Injury Insurance Claims Wrongful termination  Labour Board complaints

We know you just want to resolve the conflict and move on.  We will identify your goals then develop an action plan to achieve them.  We are skilled negotiators.  It’s often not necessary to sue or go to court in order to resolve the situation. 


Divorce   Separation Agreements • Custody Issues • Child/Spousal Support • Adoption  Emergency applications • Cohabitation Agreement • Variation Orders  Common Law Separation

The breakdown of a family is not a happy time.  We can help you navigate the process and get to a binding resolution, often without requiring anyone to go to court. Each client's situation is unique and we work hard to make the solution fit.

Residential Real Estate

Home purchases & sales Title insurance   Mortgage Refinance   Private purchase and sale agreements •  Collateral mortgages • Right of Ways • Quit Claim Deeds • Failed Transactions

Buying and selling a home is a big deal, and not something most people do often.  We get that.  When you work with us, our team will guide you through the entire process step by step. When you have questions along the way, we’ll take the time to fully explain the answer.  And if something unexpected comes up, we’ll be your voice.  We’ll make sure things are resolved quickly and in a way that you find acceptable. Check out our quick video tips for a smooth closing day!

Corporate & Commercial

Incorporation Contract negotiation/review Lease negotiation/review Updating minute books Dividend declarations   Risk Management • Employment Issues Intellectual Property • Succession Planning  Purchase/Sale of a Business Shareholder/Partnership Agreements

Incorporated or not, we will be a sounding board as your business grows and changes, helping keep your legal house in order, including planning to protect your assets.   We help negotiate and review contracts/leases or guide you through issues with an errant employee.  If you’ve already incorporated, we can update minute books including Dividend Declarations and Special Resolutions.  If not, we can discuss whether incorporation makes sense.

Wills & Estates

Wills Guardianship Power of Attorney Advanced Health Care Directive (Living Will) Probate  Trusts

Everyone knows they should have a Will, but no one enjoys the thought of getting it done.  We make it easy.  Typically, two meetings, no more than an hour each and you walk out with a valid Will.  If you’ve been appointed as Executor we can assist you with navigating the Probate process.  



Notary & Ind. Consults

Witness Affidavits & Statutory Declarations  Certified Copies Travel Consents  Independent Legal Advice

We are happy to provide Notary Public service.  Typically the main Notary function is to verify your identity and witness your signature.   Always bring all instruction papers and your government issued photo ID.