Issue review consult

At an Issue Review Consult (IRC) you’ll have an opportunity to sit down with your lawyer and fully explain your situation.  Your lawyer will then give you their opinion on what your options are, including their best guess on possible outcomes and costs.  You then decide if and how you’d like to proceed. 

Many people have a situation in their lives that is causing them stress.  They aren’t sure what their rights are and don’t know what steps they can take to resolve the situation.  They think they might need a lawyer, but aren’t even sure how a lawyer could help or how much it will cost.  They are nervous to even contact a law firm for fear they’ll sound silly.

We created the IRC for exactly this reason.  We want you to know you are welcome to come into our office, have a chance to get to know the lawyer who will be handling your file, get some basic advice for a fixed fee ($100 + tax) and then if you wish, walk away without any further obligation.

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